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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Product Features:

The pallet wrapping machine is applicable to glasswork, soft drink, electronic, chemical, food, cosmetics and other relevant industries. By wrapping the film, the appearance of packed product is more beautiful, it can protect the cartons or cases from the moisture, dust, leaking, or pollution ^etc, more and more companies choose this machine to reduce the extra consume during transportation. 

The pallet wrapping machine mainly adopts the servo motors as movement parts, PLC controls the machine, with the self-induction system to induce the cartons or cases, reliable and endurable in use. 

Control System 
PLC control 
Photo-eye auto-height sensing pallet height 
Separate top, bottom & up-down Wrap Counter options 
Over wrap time is up to create an over wrap 
Reinforce wrap times is set to better secure 2 loads placed on top of each other 
Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel 
Separate start, pause and emergency stop buttons 
Manual carriage up/down 
Variable Turntable Speed 

Carriage up/down speed control Turntable drive 
0-12rpm variable turntable speed by frequency changer 
Position turntable alignment 
Works under speed 0.75 kw motor with reduction gearbox, Soft start film carriage 
Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to min film consumption 
Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film 
Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor 
Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel 
Film dancer-bar with variable speed output 
Film carriage Drive 
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety 
Film carriage variable speed by frequency changer 
Works under 0.23 kw motor with reduction gearbox





Wrapping  Size(L× W)

500~1200× 500~1200mm

Wrapping  Height

L  type: 1800mm,     H  type: 2400mm

Working  Capacity 

20~40pallet/hour    0~12turn/sec.

Loading  Weight

Max.   2000kg

Turntable  Size 

Φ 1500  &   1650mm,   H:   85mm

Film  Carriage  System 

Pre-stretch  carriage  system 


PLC control,   stretch wrapping  times  adjustable.  

Power  Supply

1.35kw  220V  50hz






Pre-stretch film carriage up to 300%to min film consumption
Operator adjusts vertical rods to secure bag
Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel
Wrap time adjuster
Platform speed 20RPM
Machine easy to be moved by one person


Shape Dimensions(mm)            650(W) x 1570(L) x 1200(H)             
Maximum Wrap Size(mm)        180-350(W) x 400-800(L) x 300-450(H)
Power supply                           220V/50HZ/1 Phase 0.5 kw
Weight Capacity                      100 kg
Wrapping Materials                  Stretch film  width :500 mm
Machine Weight                       200 kg